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The Importance of Brushing

We’ve all heard the old adage that brushing your hair 100 times will keep it healthy, shiny and strong. Now, we can all probably acknowledge that 100 times is a little… excessive, perhaps, but there is a lot to be said for a consistent, regular hair-brushing routine. Don’t worry, we’re not talking some convoluted 12-step situation like a Korean skincare regime (life is hard enough as it is, right?), it’s easy, really, we promise. Trust us.

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Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment

Here at Dextress, we celebrate the individual – everyone’s hair is different and that’s what we love about this craft – but there is one great unifier in the world of haircare to which almost no one is immune. It’s frizz. Most of us have had to contend with it, we’re all trying to avoid it and everybody hates it. We try so-called miracle product after miracle product, and yet it persists. So how to get rid of it? Allow us to let you in a little not-so-secret; the Kerasilk Control Smoothing Treatment from Goldwell.

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Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture

We’re all searching for the secret to perfect hair, trying to find the magic key that will unlock the optimum balance of shine, volume, bounce and body. Throwing fistfuls of cash at product after product, only to be left disappointed and with a very light purse. What if we told you the solution is simple? Would you believe us? Well, buckle up, buttercups, here it is; EMBRACE YOUR NATURAL TEXTURE.

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Fringe Benefits

This year’s biggest fringe trend is a sort-of updated “curtain” fringe – not the over-gelled 90s nightmare that the name might conjure up. It’s also referred to as a Bardot fringe, named for perennial style icon, French starlet Brigitte Bardot and her instantly recognisable easy-breezy looking locks. The look has been hovering on the fringes (heh – sorry) of fashion circles forever thanks to it’s chic, Parisian associations. Stars like Alexa Chung have rocked the curtain fringe for years, but its really sky-rocketed in popularity recently, thanks to the boom in 70s-inspired trends touching everything from hair to homewares.

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