We have an extensive treatment menu of hair and scalp treatment services designed to repair and replenish the hair and scalp to a healthy state. We will diagnosis your concerns and diverse a treatment regimen that will provide the best results.

Q. My hair is feeling dehydrated and lacks shine


A. To combat extensive damage we recommend our Luxury Treatments. Using indulgent formulas from our Wella Systems Professional range , we can repair years of damage and neglect within minutes. The indulgent formulas, with hydrolyzed keratin and a blend of active ingredients interact with the hairs structure. This treatment also incorporates our Micro-Mist Machine, in which filtered water particles deeply penetrate the inner hair structure and lock the treatment inside the bonds of the hair itself to nourish and reconstruct from the inside while the hair’s surface is left supple, healthy looking and shiny.

Q.  I want to make sure that my new colour stays fresh for as long as possible.

We offer a range of in salon and at home  after colour hair treatments to help maintain the health and vibrancy of your hair after colouring. All our treatments prolong your colour service and work together to protect and nourish your hair. We also offer a range of take home colour conditioners and masks to compliment your hair colour. 


Q. My scalp is Dry or Oily. 

A. “A healthy scalp equates to healthy hair” We recommend Systems Professional Scalp treatments. Designed to counteract and protect against the key signs of scalp ageing. 

Prior to recommending this treatment we undertake a thorough consultation and diagnosis.

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