Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture

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Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture

We’re all searching for the secret to perfect hair, trying to find the magic key that will unlock the optimum balance of shine, volume, bounce and body. Throwing fistfuls of cash at product after product, only to be left disappointed and with a very light purse. What if we told you the solution is simple? Would you believe us? Well, buckle up, buttercups, here it is; EMBRACE YOUR NATURAL TEXTURE. 

Sounds either too easy or too hard, doesn’t it? But, trust us on this, working with what you’ve got is much more effective than trying to browbeat (or hairbeat?!) your locks into submission. In fact, loading yourself up with expensive, snake oil products or over-styling to achieve a look is probably doing more harm than good. 

Natural Texture Basics

Perfect, bouncy curls start with a good haircut – here at Dextress we are trained in curly-cutting techniques and we understand the importance of working with the hair, not against it, to craft curls that have movement, character and just the right amount of bounce. 

Beware of heavy products that will weigh down hair and distort your curls. You want to be using minimal, light products and focusing on lifting the roots for optimal movement. Less is definitely more here – except when it comes to moisture. Curly hair tends to be thirsty, so investing in nourishing, moisturising products is going to serve you better than a sundry list of balms, oils, mousses and sprays. 

Curly And Wavy Hair

A simple routine for curly hair is to brush before shampooing – never after, or while wet, as this can damage the hair and/or disturb the natural order of your curls. Gently squeeze until partly dry with a fresh t-shirt, as they are softer and less absorbent than towels so will allow your hair to maintain some much-needed moisture. Next, define the curls with your product of choice and either leave to air-dry or dry with a diffuser for more oomph. 

For wavy hair, keep in mind that your hair texture is going to be most workable a day or two after washing – freshly washed waves just don’t behave in the same way – so it’s important not to over wash your hair. There is no “one size fits all” approach, though; you’ll want to consider your lifestyle and establish a washing routine that works for you. At the very least though, we beg you, stop washing your hair every day. It isn’t necessary and is going to make styling your lovely waves harder than it needs to be. 

Keep It Simple

Similarly to curly hair, less is more when it comes to achieving the waves of your dreams. Simply wash and rinse with cold water – this will make the hair cuticles lie flat, encouraging super shine – define and boost your waves, coaxing them with your fingers, by twisting sections, braiding or using rollers if need be. Then, essentially, leave it alone! Fussing with wavy or curly hair while it dries can cause frizz and absolutely nobody needs that in their life. 

That’s it, friends. It really is that easy. If you’re still unsure where to start, give us a call to arrange your personalised consultation and get on the road to loving the hair you’ve got. 

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